Amazon’s Legal Department Fellowships – 6 Positions

We are thrilled to have Amazon’s Legal Department as a participant in the OnRamp Fellowship. A brief overview of their Fellowship opportunities, requirements, and benefits follow. Also outlined below is the application process.


As part of Amazon’s commitment to finding and developing great talent, they plan to hire Fellows through the OnRamp Fellowship in the following six groups: (1) Transactional Lawyer, Lab 126, Sunnyvale, CA; (2) Commercial Lawyer, Amazon Web Services, Seattle, WA; (3) Corporate Counsel Real Estate Lawyer, Amazon Corporate, Seattle, WA; (4) Corporate Counsel Lawyer, Amazon Corporate, Seattle, WA; (5) Corporate Counsel Lawyer, Digital Video, Seattle, WA; and (6) Patent Lawyer, Amazon Web Services, Seattle, WA.

Click here for more information on the groups.  The Fellowship is a year-long program paid at $125,000, which is the standard OnRamp Fellowship stipend, with benefits.


Applicants should have three or more years of legal experience and have taken a hiatus of at least two years from practicing law. The specific requirements for each position can be found by clicking here.

Benefits to Returning Women:

  • A paid, one year position with Amazon’s Legal Department to gain additional experience, skills, and contacts;
  • Monthly “Cohort Meetings” with other Fellows to share experiences and exchange re-entry best practices;
  • Training by specialists in negotiations, leadership, oral advocacy, and project management; and
  • A career counselor who works one-on-one with you to assist with your re-entry and advancement in the profession.

Application Process:

All Fellowship applicants are rigorously screened to assess their current experience, skills set, and desire to return to and advance in the legal profession.  As part of the screening process, each applicant is expected to:

  1. Submit an application and complete a battery of online skills, personality, and values assessments, which are similar to the hiring and development tools used in corporate environments (the cost of the assessments, paid by the applicant, is $175);
  2. Take a writing assessment developed by leading writing authority Ross Guberman; and
  3. Participate in a behavioral interview conducted by a hiring expert.

Important Note: The skills and writing assessments are an essential component of the application process.  The assessment results provide in-depth information about an applicant’s skills with a particular focus on the strengths that the applicant will bring to an organization upon her re-entry.  After completing the assessments, each applicant receives a comprehensive multi-page report with her results as well as developmental tips to assist in her long-term career development efforts.

The next round of applications are due December 18, 2015.  To apply, please click here.